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Creative Writing Portfolio

Links to many of my published short stories and nonfiction articles.

Creative Writing Portfolio

Since my early teens, writing fiction (and the occasional nonfiction) has been my life's great passion. In 2016, I fulfilled a long time goal by joining the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I hope to one day attend the Clarion West Writers Workshop.

Below you will find my full bibliography and links to many of my stories and articles.

Cover Gallery



"From Russia With Beer," North Bay Bohemian (Coming September 19th, 2018)


"Namesake," Prole

"So It Goes," North Bay Bohemian & Pacific Sun

"Train I Ride," North Bay Bohemian & Pacific Sun

"A Man Died Here," North Bay Bohemian

"A Monument to Our Biggest Sin," Scout

"Chrysalis," Nature Futures


"Into the Head, Into the Heart," Shoreline of Infinity

"The Last Inhuman," Stupefying Stories Showcase

"Loyal Son," Persistent Visions

"The Greater Horror," North Coaster

"The Road is Long," Bards and Sages

"The Sound of Breaking Glass," Space and Time


"Whisper in the Night," Curbside Splendor


"The People They Became," Jersey Devil Press


"The Standard Set," The Legendary

"Late Afternoon in the Still Garden," Curbside Splendor

"New Neighbors," Midnight Screaming

"Twenty-Three Million Days," Prole

"Toasty," Jersey Devil Press


"They Moved the Earth: The Slaves Who Built the Tennessee State Capitol," Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal


"The Chair," The Vanderbilt Review

Proud Member of SFWA Since 2016