2018: A Year in Review


I’ve got a bird in my hand. It appeared sometime this year, although I’m not sure of the exact day, week, or even month it first took up residence in my palm. I only recently started to notice it; I realized I was spending less time comparing myself to others and started being grateful for what I’ve accomplished this year as a freelance writer, short story author, and human being.

This is my first ‘bird in the hand’ since I left teaching four years ago. Oh, sure, I had a bird between January 2011 and December 2014, but that bird constantly scratched and crapped all over me no matter how much time, energy, passion, and love I gave it. My new bird’s not as big, and to be honest I’m constantly worried that it’s going to fly away. But it sure is a lot kinder.

Metaphors aside, it’s been a good year both professionally and personally. I’ve made and saved some money, took a wonderful trip abroad, and spent more time with my family than I had been doing since moving to California in early 2015. Also, in 2018 I finally started to feel confident in my skills and prospects. That’s more than I could have ever asked for.

2019 will be a year of change. I’m getting out on my own again, hopefully not too far away from where I live now. As I continue to freelance, I will explore full-time opportunities in San Francisco and the North Bay. I won’t take just any job, though. If I’m going to sell my time to a company, it better be for something I believe in, and for a good price, too. I know I’m worth it.

Thomas Broderick